Sour Candy Day is celebrated on July 21st. This day is dedicated to all things sour! From tart lemons to mouth-puckering limes, sour candy is a treat for the senses. On this day, we celebrate all things sour and sweet.

Sour candy is believed to have originated in Asia, and the first recorded recipe for sour candy dates back to the Tang Dynasty in China. Sour candy was introduced to Europe in the 16th century, and the first sour candy factory was opened in Germany in 1864.

Today, sour candy is enjoyed all over the world. On Sour Candy Day, we celebrate this delicious treat with messages, wishes, and quotes.

Sour Candy Day Wishes

  1. A day where everyone enjoys sour candy to their heart’s content!
  2. A day where all the sour candy in the world is free for everyone to enjoy!
  3. A day where everyone gets to try at least one new type of sour candy!
  4. A day where everyone’s taste buds are extra sensitive to sour flavors!
  5. A day where everyone receives a personalized box of sour candy!
  6. A day where every store is stocked with an abundance of sour candy!
  7. A day where there are no limits on how much sour candy anyone can eat!
  8. A day where everyone’s moods are automatically lifted by the power of sour candy!
  9. A day where sour candy is used as a currency and everyone is wealthy!
  10. A day where every sour candy is made from scratch using only the finest ingredients!

Sour Candy Day Quotes

  1. Sour candy is the best candy!
  2. A day without sour candy is a day not worth living!
  3. Sour candy is the key to happiness!
  4. Sour candy is the answer to all of life’s problems!
  5. Sour candy is the way to a person’s heart!
  6. A sour candy a day keeps the doctor away!
  7. Sour candy is the key to a great day!
  8. Sour candy is the best thing in the world!
  9. There is nothing better than sour candy!
  10. Sour candy is the best!

Sour Candy Day is a time to enjoy the sweet and sour taste of candy. It is a day to celebrate with family and friends. Enjoy the day with some delicious candy.


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