Who Plays Wendy On Sons Of Anarchy? Wendy is played by actress Drea de Matteo.

Why did Drea de Matteo leave Sons of Anarchy? Drea de Matteo left Sons of Anarchy because she was pregnant and wanted to focus on her family.

Who is the girl Jax sleeps with in season 7? The girl that Jax sleeps with in Season 7 is a character named Sonya. Sonya is a new love interest for Jax, and the two eventually get married.

Who plays Jax Teller’s wife? There is no definitive answer to this question as the role has not yet been cast. However, there are a few actresses who have been rumored to be in the running for the role, including Maggie Siff (from Sons of Anarchy) and Sarah Wayne Callies (from The Walking Dead).

Frequently Asked Questions

Who Plays Jax’S Ex Wife In Sons Of Anarchy?

The actress who plays Jax’s ex-wife in Sons of Anarchy is Katey Sagal.

Does Wendy Come Back Sons Anarchy?

No, Wendy does not come back to Sons of Anarchy.

How Many Seasons Was Drea De Matteo On Sons Of Anarchy?

Drea de Matteo starred in all seven seasons of Sons of Anarchy as Wendy Teller.

What Happened To Drea Dematteo?

Drea De Matteo is an American actress. She is known for her roles as Joey Tribbiani’s sister Gina on the NBC sitcom Friends, NYPD detective Wanda Valerino on the ABC police drama series NYPD Blue, and as Adriana La Cerva on the HBO crime drama series The Sopranos.

What Season Does Wendy Come Back Soa?

The Wendy character returns in the show’s fifth season.

What Is Adriana From Sopranos Doing Now?

Adriana La Cerva was a character on the HBO show The Sopranos. She was the fiancĂ©e of Christopher Moltisanti and the daughter of mobster Carmine La Cerva. After being warned by her cousin Tony Soprano that her father was in danger, she convinced Christopher to enter the witness protection program. They moved to California, but she became restless and started to miss her family. She returned to New Jersey against Christopher’s wishes and was eventually murdered by Silvio Dante.

What Is Drea De Matteo Doing Now?

Drea de Matteo is an American actress who is most well-known for her roles on The Sopranos and Desperate Housewives. She has also appeared in films such as Donnie Brasco and The Perfect Storm. De Matteo currently stars in the Netflix series The Good Cop alongside Tony Danza.

What Episode Does Jax And Wendy Sleep Together?

In Season 6, Episode 10, Jax and Wendy sleep together.

Wendy played by Drea de Matteo is the ex-wife of Giovanni “Gio” Rinaldo and mother of their son, Abel. Wendy is a main character in Season 1 and recurring character afterwards.


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