Who Plays The Voice Of Merida In Brave? Kelly Macdonald

Was Kelly Macdonald a Merida? No, Kelly Macdonald was not a Merida.

Who was Merida modeled after? Merida was modeled after Brenda Chapman, the director of Brave.

What is Pixar’s Brave based on? Brave is based on the story of a Scottish princess who rebels against her father’s wishes and goes on a quest to undo a curse that has been put on her family.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Merida Based On A Real Person?

No, Merida is not based on a real person.

Is Brave A True Story?

Yes, Brave is based on a true story. The film is set in Scotland in the 1700s and follows the story of Merida, a skilled archer and headstrong daughter of King Fergus and Queen Elinor. When Merida’s actions inadvertently unleash chaos in the kingdom, she must use her skills and bravery to set things right.

Why Was Reese Witherspoon Replaced In Brave?

There is no definitive answer to this question, but there are a few possible explanations. Some reports say that Reese Witherspoon was replaced in Brave because she was difficult to work with and her demands for the project were excessive. Others suggest that Pixar simply chose to go in a different direction with the character and wanted a more Scottish-sounding actress for the role.

Will There Be A Brave 2?

There is no confirmation of a Brave 2 as of now, but there is certainly potential for the story to continue.

Is Merida A Real Person?

Yes, Merida is a real person. She is the protagonist of the Disney Pixar movie “Brave.”

Who Was Supposed To Voice Brave?

According to director Brenda Chapman, Reese Witherspoon was originally supposed to voice the lead character in Brave.

Who Did The Voice For Merida?

The voice for Merida in the movie Brave is performed by Kelly MacDonald.

Who Is The Voice Behind Merida?

The voice behind Merida is Kelly Macdonald.

The voice of Merida in Brave is provided by Kelly Macdonald.


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