What Animal Is Pumba? Pumba is a character from Disney’s The Lion King. He is a warthog.

What is Timon in real life? Timon is an ancient Athenian whose life and teachings are recorded by Plutarch. Timon was renowned for his cynicism and misanthropy.

What is Timon real name? Timon’s real name is never explicitly stated in the play, but it is believed to be Miltiades.

Is Pumbaa a pig? No, Pumbaa is not a pig. He is a warthog.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Creature Is Pumbaa?

Pumbaa is a warthog from the Disney movie The Lion King.

Is Timon A Girl?

No, Timon is not a girl.

Is Timon A Meerkat Or Mongoose?

There is some debate over whether Timon from The Lion King is a meerkat or a mongoose. Meerkats and mongooses are both members of the family Herpestidae, but they are different species. Meerkats are typically smaller with longer legs, while mongooses are typically larger and have shorter legs. Some argue that since Timon is not explicitly identified as one or the other, he could be either.

What Do The Hyenas Call Pumbaa?

There is no definitive answer to this question as different hyenas call Pumbaa different things. Some call him “the funny one,” others call him “the weird one,” and still others simply call him “Pumbaa.”

Why Is Pumba Called Pumba?

Pumba is called Pumba because, as a young warthog, he was constantly following Timon around and mimicking everything he did.

What Animal Is Timon?

Timon is a meerkat.

What Does Banzai Mean In Swahili?

Banzai means Long Live the Emperor in Swahili.

What Do They Call The Hyenas In Lion King?

The hyenas are referred to as the ” hyenas” in the Lion King.

What Are The 3 Hyenas Names In Lion King?

There are three hyenas named in The Lion King: Shenzi, Banzai, and Ed.

What Is The Hyenas Name In Lion Guard?

The hyena’s name in the Lion Guard is Janja.

Pumba is a warthog from the Disney movie The Lion King.


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